Solo : dancer excerpt

Solo : dancer, 2012

24k gold on digital print on gesso on canvas


The photographic series presents a face printed on a dancers T-shirt. Observing the distorted image of the face raises the question whether in interpersonal relations the projection of an “isolated mind” can make up for an actual interlocutor and what is a cultural role of a mask as a hyper-caracter. The composition of each peace brings on mind Eastern Catholic icons (and that in the New Testament`s understanding of the word eikon (“image”) used to mean portrait). The technique, canvas stretched on wood and grounded with gesso, is also a reference to this very special type of the painting which would, unlike any other, be written rather then painted. Gold leafs applied on icons by monks would refer to the transcendent power and glory of God, who would allow the icons to materialize. The same technique of gold plating was used in solo:dancer, to refere the work to a different type of external content. The gold tag, if scanned, sends the reader to an internet page which should be regarded as immanent part of the work.